Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanks to All

With the two minute time constraints of YouTube spech-making, I did not get a chance to properly thank everyone who worked on Project GroundSource. So here goes:

Hats off to Jarred Potter, Jim Basler and Jason Unzelman-Lansdorf for conceiving of and developing the GeoJetter prototype in the first place. Without them, we've got bubkus.

Special rounds of applause for team members Suzanne Nolan, Theresa Keeler, Tom Scharfeld and John Nolan for their help and support. The checks are in the mail.

Thanks to Tina Basler for organizing both Potter and GroundSource so well, and actually managing to never spending any billable time on GroundSource stuff at all! Many thanks to "deep" thinker Mark Hankowski for all his effort with business planning. A shoutout to GrandMaster Tom Wideman for all his snide remarks from far away.

Lastly, three cheers to Team GroundSource Mentors Ron Long, Donald Smith and Julian Sweet. Be prepared for my continued correspondence, guys.

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