Thursday, February 19, 2009

Q: Where is GSHP suitable in the US?

A: Pretty much anywhere there's ground and buildings.

The white area represents "Area Suitable for Geothermal Heat Pumps (entire US)."

Word is that the Joint Explanatory Statement Division - A, which is part of the official legislative history, specifies the full $400M for EERE R&D on geothermal (page 24). This should provide DOE with sufficient funding to pursue aggressive programs in EGS, Unidentified Hydrothermal, Co-Produced & Geo-Pressured, Resource Evaluation, Direct Use, and Ground Source Heat Pumps. There should be a new FOA for geothermal technologies - similar to last year's - hitting the street soon. There should be additional FOA's covering stimulus opportunities to appear within the next two months.

Also, there is an additional $400M specified to create an ARPA-E, as well as up to $350M for Department of Defense related renewables research.

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