Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Key Technologies for More Energy Efficient, Carbon Neutral Living

An Excerpt From Michael Hoexter's textbook-like Green Thoughts Blog

Part Four of His Summary for PolicyMakers Series

Listed below are some of the key technologies that will help us achieve energy independence and carbon neutrality more quickly.

1) Heat pumps: ground source, air source, hybrid and with bore hole thermal energy storage

2) Super-glass (low emissivity, selectively coated, insulated) and super-windows

3) High-R Insulation and structural insulated panels

4) Efficient Fluorescent and Efficient LED Lighting

5) Fiber-optic solar lighting and advanced skylights for daylighting

6) Intelligent building, lighting, and appliance controls

7) Light-colored and “cool-colored” building and paving materials (that reduce the heat island effect of the built environment and building heat loads)

8) Solar thermal water and space heating

9) Variable Frequency Drives (electronically adjusting pump and fan speeds to energy demand)

10) Weatherproofing and tighter building envelope standards (with testing)

11) Radiant heating (using water rather than air as the heat transfer medium in a building)

12) Induction cooktops, convection ovens and electric infrared grilling

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