Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Strange Times Ahead

Something very funny going on here. Indications of things to come?

First Rex Tillerson, the head of Exxon, calls for a Carbon Tax to tackle global warming: "A carbon tax is also the most efficient means of reflecting the cost of carbon in all economic decisions – from investments made by companies to fuel their requirements, to the product choices made by consumers," Mr Tillerson said in a speech to the Woodrow Wilson Centre for International Scholars, a Washington think-tank. "As a businessman it is hard to speak favourably about any new tax. But a carbon tax strikes me as a more direct, a more transparent and a more effective approach."

Then Dick Cheney (who sponsored legislation as a Congressman that branded Nelson Mandela as a terrorist to this day) says he sees the inauguration of liberal Democrat Barack Obama as positive and remarkable and historic. "I have the same feeling that I think many Americans have, that it's really remarkable that -- what we're going to do here in a few days is swear in the first African American president of the United States. When I came to town in 1968, we'd had the Martin Luther King assassination, Bobby Kennedy assassination, riots in the cities, major, major disturbances, a lot of it racially motivated around the country.

"And in fact, things have changed so dramatically that we're now about to swear in Barack Obama as president of the United States. That's really a remarkable story and I think a record of tremendous success and progress for the United States."

And then we find out a possible explanation for this crazy talk: current lunar cycle will yield the the biggest and brightest moon of 2009, appearing about 14 percent bigger in our sky and 30 percent brighter than some other full moons during 2009, according to NASA.

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